Cancelling Transunion Canada Credit Monitoring/ID Protection Program

I think it should be law in Canada that cancelling a membership to something should be as easy as signing up. Trying to find out how to cancel your Transunion Canada Credit Monitoring or Identity theft monitoring is practically impossible, they’ve hired a lot of SEO to make sure anything you search Google floods your results with irrelevant links.

After filtering out their domains the resources are still few and far between. I found one on Quora for the US site but not Canada. After adjusting my search terms to look for Credit Monitoring rather than ID protection program (which is what they call it in the emails) I came across a 2 year old Reddit post that gives you a direct link to the page in question. Apparently the cancel link is buried somewhere in the FAQ but heck if I could find it.

And it’s this easy (courtesy of an anonymous redditor /u/myusername121) :

  1. Log into your Transunion Canada Credit Monitoring account as you normally would to get the dashboard
  2. Paste & go to this URL into your address bar:
  3. Click the “Cancel Product” button
  4. That’s it! You should now receive a confirmation email stating your monitoring has been cancel.